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for Beginners

Beginner workshop on Smart Farming & Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture (SFIA-B). Here you can have an overview on the Smart Farming processes and basic application of Internet of Things (IoT).


Bengkel asas mengenai Smart Farming & Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture (SFIA-B). Di sini anda dapat mempelajari tentang proses asas Pertanian Pintar & Internet of Things (IoT). 

Advance Hands-On Workshop

Workshop on Smart Farming & Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture (SFIA). Get the experience to grow your own vegetables and monitor your crops growth remotely until harvesting.


Bengkel Smart Farming & Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture (SFIA). Alami sendiri proses penanaman sayur-sayuran dan pantau tumbesaran tanaman secara atas talian sehingga sedia dituai.

The Future of Farming: Exploring the Benefits of Smart Farming Technology

Smart farming uses cutting-edge technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) , cloud computing, and big data to boost production, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact. By integrating multiple systems and data sources, farmers can make informed decisions on planting, harvesting, and resource management for higher yields and profits.

Smart Farming

Optimize Efficiency and Sustainability

Smart farming can help farmers optimizes farming processes, improves crop yields, promotes sustainability, and reduces environmental impact through advanced technologies and data integration

IoT in Agriculture

IoT in agriculture is the use of connected devices and sensors to gather data and automate tasks. By utilizing this technology, farmers can make more informed decisions about when to plant, water, and harvest crops, as well as gain insight into the health and well-being of their animals. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, as well as cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

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Benefit of Smart Farming

Smart farming offers several benefits, including:


Smart farming can help promote sustainable farming practices, leading to healthier soil, cleaner water,and a reduced environmental impact.

Remote Monitoring

Smart farming technologies enable farmers to monitor their crops and equipment remotely, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Increased Efficiency

Smart farming technologies such as precision agriculture, automated systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors can help increase efficiency by optimizing resource usage, reducing waste, and minimizing labor costs.

High Yield

Smart farming can help farmers increase crop yields by providing real-time information on soil health, weather conditions, and pest control, allowing for better decision-making in crop management.


Sertai sesi kami

Learn to grow your own vegetables through modern technologies. There are two (2) types of workshop that you can choose to attend or we welcome you to join both workshops!

Mari belajar menanam sayur-sayuran menggunakan aplikasi teknologi moden. Terdapat dua (2) jenis bengkel yang anda boleh pilih untuk hadir dan kami juga mengalu-alukan anda untuk menyertai kedua-dua bengkel tersebut!

Smart Farming & Internet of Things (IOT) in Agriculture

Latihan asas mengenai Smart Farming & Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture

You will be introduced to basic concepts of Smart Farming and applications of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in agriculture . Plus, this programme offers opportunity to interact with trainers, site tours and demonstrations.     

We welcome anyone to join the workshop whether you are a student, youth, women, farmers, entrepreneurs and unemployed individual who are interested to explore smart farming

Anda akan diperkenalkan kepada konsep asas Pertanian Pintar dan aplikasi teknologi Internet of Things (IoT) dalam pertanian. Selain itu, program ini menawarkan peluang untuk berinteraksi dengan panel, lawatan tapak dan demonstrasi.

Kami mengalu-alukan penyertaan anda semua sama ada anda seorang pelajar, belia, wanita, petani, usahawan dan individu menganggur yang berminat untuk menerokai teknologi pertanian pintar!

Smart Farming & Internet of Things (IOT) in Agriculture

Bengkel Smart Farming & Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture

Get an EXCLUSIVE hands-on experience “Grow Your Own Veggies” using smart agriculture technologies. This workshop is a complete cycle farming from sowing stage until the harvesting day which will take 4 weeks.

On the first day, you will plant your own veggie and learn the basic of Internet of Things (IoT) and Day 2 onwards and until week 4 you will monitor your veggie grow via your mobile devices. At the end pf week 4 (Harvesting day), you will get to harvest your own veggie!

So, what will you learn?

  • Introduction to the SMART Farming
  • IoT in agriculture
  • Cloud & Big data
  • Farm Management using smartphone & Internet
  • On-farm automation
  • On-site training and demo
  • Grow your own veggie!

Menawarkan pengalaman EKSLUSIF menerusi aktiviti “Grow Your Own Veggies” dengan menggunakan penyelesaian teknologi pertanian Pintar. Kursus ini merupakan kitaran lengkap penanaman yang bermula pada peringkat menyemai sehingga ke hari penuaian sayur kira-kira sekitar 4 minggu.

Pada hari pertama, anda akan menanam sayur-sayuran anda sendiri dan mempelajari asas Internet of Things (IoT), pada hari kedua dan seterusnya, sehingga minggu ke-4 anda akan memantau pertumbuhan sayuran anda melalui peranti mudah alih anda. Pada akhir minggu ke-4 (Hari Penuaian), anda akan dapat menuai sayur-sayuran anda sendiri!

Apa yang anda akan pelajari?

  • Pengenalan kepada Pertanian Pintar
  • IoT dalam pertanian
  • Teknologi Pengkomputeran “Cloud” & Data raya “Big data”
  • Pengurusan ladang menerusi telefon pintar & Internet
  • Automasi ladang
  • Latihan dan demo di tapak
  • Tanam sayuran anda sendiri!

SFIA Hands-On Workshop Timeline

Day 1st
Theory & Plant Veggies

17 June 2023

Day 2 - 27th
Monitor Growth Through Apps

18 June 2023 - 15 July 2023

Day 28th
Harvest Veggies

16 July 2023

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MSD Innovation was born from the desire of its founders to ensure that our technological solutions would enhance quality of life and leave a meaningful impact to the society at large. Embarking into IoT solutioning was a natural progression for us. 

We are a progressive technology company specialising in IoT solutions, with specific focus in the fields of agriculture, environment and healthcare. We intend to prove that Smart Urban Farming can be made affordable so that it can be widely adopted, empowering targeted groups within the community.



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